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Truck Corp Eutectic Refrigeration Bodies are the latest technology in refrigeration and innovation suitable for frozen or chilled food service. We make our bodied to use energy savings mains power that created stored refrigeration capacity in the eutectic plate system. Truck Corp has the expert knowledge to assist you in deciding what refrigerated truck is right for your business. Eutectic cooling vs. conventional cooling is one of the many options to consider.


The term for the freezing point of a fluid. The refrigerant is contained in Tanks or Plates and the eutectic fluid has a freezing point of a known value ie; -4C -11C -18C -24C or -33C. The storage capacity is calculated in watts, and used to select plates required for the duty.

The condensing units themselves are very simple pieces of machinery, semi hermetic compressor, filter, drier, fan and start stop button, and as such can be repaired by almost any mechanic.

Truck Corp Pty Ltd is the leading refrigeration truck manufacturer in Australia. Panels are accredited standard (USL). Boxes are manufactured in facilities that are ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified.

Flexibility & Zoned Bodies

Most people know little about eutectics, often with the mistaken idea that it is a small side door system only. NOT TRUE! Eutectics perform just as well in larger Fibreglass distribution bodies.

Zoned Bodies

Eutectics are as flexible as you want. 1, 2, or even 3 temperature zones in almost any configuration you require. They can easily be custom built to suit any application.

  • Deep Freeze -35C Freezer -18ºC
  • Trolley systems supplied to suit
  • TWO ZONE SYSTEM - Freezer & Chiller
  • THREE ZONE SYSTEM - Freezer, Chiller and Dry Freight

Benefits of Eutectic

The primary advantages of Eutectics are that they save money on fuel and maintenance. It does not require connection to the cab chassis or motor, especially when motor is small size it can be free of trouble without extra load on it. It also does not use diesel for power-up, this means Eutectics are a “Green” alternative. They perform better in all temperatures; temperature is stable and steady. Eutectics are reliable and rarely breakdown.


For example: Conventional Cooling - Fuel needed is roughly 2.5 to 3 litres per hour. 2.5 x 10 hours x 312 working days = 7800 litres @ $1.80c p/l = $14,040.00. That’s $14,040.00 in immediate savings per unit as Eutectics don’t use fuel to run. You’ll save even more as a rural & country operator!

Conventional units require maintenance and servicing for the life of the unit. After the initial honeymoon period is over costly & and frequent maintenance problems will arise. Most newer diesel fridges need servicing every 750 hours of operation, the cost of this quarterly service is almost always in the vicinity of $550. That’s a maintenance cost of $2200 per year.

Breakdowns happen and can cost up to $6000. This does not happen with Eutectics which cost as little as $300 to repair from most mechanics.

Add up the savings: Fuel, Maintenance, Repairs. Should Eutectics ever require a tank replacement can be swiftly changed when the unit is not in use and takes only 4 hours. Eutectics will maintain temperature for 2 – 3 days even if the compressor blew up. A eutectic compressor only runs for 2 – 4 hours a day compared to a conventional blower running 10 hours a day.

Eutectics provide a clear opportunity to reduce your operating costs. Eutectics will not fit everyone’s business, yet where they can be used the savings are huge. Weigh up the benefits for your business.

If you have any questions about Eutectics and whether they are right for your company call 07 3277 6440.

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