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Truck Corp Food Vans

World best practice in Food Service Trucks & Food Vans uses lightweight composite insulated fibreglass panel offering greater payloads every delivery.

Only Australian Trucks built to this specification match the harsh reality of driving in antipodean climates on urban and country roads. Whatever the business activity only truck bodies specifically designed for the purpose will deliver consistent results over many years of use.

Truck Corp offers the best choice of solution for any task demanding transportation of refrigerated goods. Everything from budget light vehicle applications through premium multi-pallet hauliers, even deep freeze eutectic bodies running temperatures as low as -35°Celcius, all the way up to World best practice European lightweight maximum payloads.

These Food Vans are suitable for the Markets, Food transport, live animals, flowers, plants, pharmaceutical, hospital, catering, art, furniture, market trucks, food vending, food distribution or air cargo.

Truck Corp have unmatched, extensive knowledge and broad comprehensive experience backed by far more credentials than the nearest competitor. Capability and capacity ensures reliable quality, delivery guaranteed. Quietly supplying the Food Service industry over many years Truck Corp has built a solid reputation on Quality, Performance and Reliability.

If you’re looking to achieve Arctic Cargo conditions in this tropical environment then benefit from Truck Corp’s years of research, testing, experience, quality custom individual and high volume manufacturing.

Truck Corp guarantees the best possible solutions in temperature and durability, strength from the ground up to achieve Operational Savings.

With Superior Thermal Performance Truck Corp’s exclusive Euro composite construction attains the best R-Value, World best, in this industry.