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Manufacturing the most diverse range of quality Refrigerated truck bodies. We will find a solution for your business and match a refrigerated body to your needs. 

Our Brands, Vehicles, Refrigeration Systems, Body Types and Extras are interchangeable depending on what you need. Truck Corp bodies are made with superior materials, resins, insulation, rubber seals, fasteners, adhesives and use the top people to put it together. All backed by warranty.

Refrigerated truck bodies


Truck Corp Refrigerated Bodies range fall under three major brands. EURO, Premium and Acme.


The Maserati of Refrigerated Bodies. The EURO can carry the largest pay loads in Australia, typically 20% better than a standard Fibreglass body.

It also has a 25% improvement in insulation capability using innovative wall panel production. Lowest refrigeration fuel consumption only with a Truck Corp New European body.

Panels and subframe are precision engineered not hand laid using old technologies. All CAD drawn and machine made componentry.

The only body in Australia certified to the prestigious German DIN quality standard, leaders in assessment.

Greatest flexibility for door opening technology, sliding opening doors and total side opening technology. Sleek external finish, no rivets showing, for best appearance and least aerodynamic wind drag resistance.

EXTRA Options available – Internal dividing walls with recessed load lock so Pallets can fit down each side of the divide. Internal dividing walls sliding and adjustable the length of the body. Double deck loading technology for maximum use of the body space.


The Premium refrigerated body is Aussie built. It is called Premium because that is what it is. It uses the more modern, thicker, Polyurethene in between panels making it structurally stronger and giving it better insulation.


LIGHT WEIGHT, LOW COST IMPORT with POLYSTERENE INSULATION. A more cost effective option is our ACME brand imported from China. With polystyrene insulation these bodies are light weight and low cost.


We buy direct from the dealers and in large quantities. We also manufacture refrigerated vehicles for dealers. This means we have buying power and can get an equal or better deal on a whole truck, body and refrigeration package. All just one stop for you!

We are happy to fit your body on any cab chassis you need. We can also give you some recommendations on what will work best for you and your business based on how you use your refrigerated truck. Our sales teams have worked with and for dealers for most of their professional lives. This quality personal experience can help you select the right vehicle based on size, power, capacity and comfort.

Trucks from a 2 Pallet up to a 16 Pallet.

Vans that are a customisable and compact option.

Utes in Low Height, Standard Height and High Height.


A refrigerated body normally consists of expanded foam insulation sandwiched between two external skins. The most popular insulation is expanded polyurethane (PU) foam with cyclopentane as the blowing agent. Another popular insulation material is extruded polystyrene. Truck Corp offers both.


Is a body built with an aluminium sheet with polystyrene core. This has load bearing structural properties with low weight. Insulated panel bodies are low maintenance and most repairs can be carried out quickly as materials are easily available from local suppliers.


Built using our machine engineered precision fiberglass process; Fibreglass bodies are the best option for the strongest relative insulation. Fiberglass bodies are 20-30% more thermally efficient than panel bodies. Fiberglass bodies use less fuel, electricity and cost less to maintain.


All our base and rear frames use Duragal frame internally and externally to reduce the rust risk. Once the frames are bolted and sealed properly this makes sure no moisture can get in.


Our bodies are completely machine engineered with precision. They are not hand laid and hand finished as this is old technology. We use the latest vacuum technology to ensure the Fiberglass keeps the structural integrity of the final product making it stronger, resilient and easier to repair.


We make sure that when we are installing the refrigeration system we use the evacuation process to stop leaks and moisture. We offer different refrigeration systems from Thermo King, Carrier and air control thermo with electrical standby options.
  • OFF ENGINE DRIVE (OED) – Runs off the Engine of the Truck. This is the smallest and low cost option.
  • DIESEL – The diesel option is bigger and capable of much more capacity. If the unit is large enough, OED may not achieve the temperatures that you need and diesel is recommended.



We offer different floor types including Aluminium checker plate and Steel checker plate. Ask about which is right for you.


Whether it’s single or double, hinged or sliding, tri-fold or mini doors, side or rear doors for hand or pallet loading through the sides or rear of the vehicle. Or even line the sides of some trucks with doors. How you unload and load makes all the difference to running a business and making as many drops possible in a day.


Dividers and curtains are available in most sizes depending on the cargo and size of the truck. Dividers are necessary if you have split chiller and cooler areas and our sales team will make sure you have the proper divider for your truck.

We can make split zones for curtains as well. We also have Curtainside trucks available for sale if you go to our VEHICLE & BODY Section.


We offer Electric standby in single phase 240V, three phase 415 V. The 415 V is recommended for larger diesel units.


Typically with sizes for 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10 pallets.


An extra to include if necessary for your business. Ask our team if you will benefit from having an easy walkway and ladder for ease of service.


Meat hangers fitted on rails throughout the truck with or without a switch gate.